Orders & Tickets

Whoops! I ordered the wrong size/shirt/color. What do I do!?

Hey, not to worry. Just drop an email to us on [email protected] and we will take care of your order. To talk to our comrade care call on +919319192744

What are the modes of payment I can choose from?

We currently offer cash on delivery as well as online payment.

How do I cancel my order once placed?

To cancel your order you can go to the orders page and cancel it within 24 hours. You can also feel free to drop us an email on [email protected] with your order number or call us on +919319192744. Our comrade car will look into it.

Ugh! I am unable to place an order :| and I really really want to!

Sometimes due to disruptive Nothern winds, you might face difficulty placing an order. Even after a few tries, you cannot place your order, please write to us on [email protected] or call on +919319192744. If you describe your issue over mail and send us the screenshot, that would be a great help to rectify this.

I cannot proceed to the payment page?

Sometimes we get technical disruptions due to the crazy waves from the high seas. You can contact us for the same by writing to us on [email protected] or callon +919319192744

Coupon code not working. What should I do?

Check if the coupon is correct and it should not contain any space or other characters. Coupon codes will not be applicable for sales and confident shirts as they are already at a discounted price. If the problem still continues, then write to us on [email protected] or call on +919319192744

I am so excited! Can I Track my order?

Of course, you can! We understand the feeling. Once the product is shipped from our treasure chest, you receive an order confirmation with the tracking code. You can also check the status of your order by logging in to your account on the website.  If the still can't track it, then write to us on [email protected] or call on +919319192744

Why is my order delayed? I really can't wait!

We are so sorry that you had to wait so long. Orders are usually delayed due to supply chain or an unfortunate break down in our delivery rocketship. If your order is delayed just write us [email protected] or call at  +919319192744 and we will deploy our rescue squad and try to hasten it up from our end.

Do I have to order online, do you have any wondrous outlets?

Of course, we do! And they truly are absolutely wondrous and amazing and fantastical and dreamy and an absolute pleasure to travel too.

Can I make changes to my order or add one more item in the same order?

Yes, you can. Just go to the orders page and click Change order. You can also send a mail at [email protected] or Call us +919319192744 with the changes as soon as your order is placed.

Do you have a size guide? How do I know what size will fit me?

Yes, we do have a size guide on our website. We don't want your little captains to be floating in their uniforms. You can get the measurements with the help of our size guide here: http://www.onefridayworld.com/index.php/sizeguide.

I can't find an item I saw advertised?

If the product you saw the ad of is not on our product list, it is possible it is out of stock or the ad you saw was old or it was stolen by the naughty elves of Greedydale (don't worry we are on it). But you can always enquire by calling us on +919319192744

How do I know the status of my order?

You can see the status of your order by logging into your account.

Shipping / Tracking / Deliveries

How do I get my shipping details?

Shipping details will be sent to you on your email after the order is dispatched through our supersonic ship rocket.

2How much time does it take to deliver the package?

It usually takes 6-7 working days to deliver. However, the delivery time also depends on your location. For Delhi and Mumbai, the delivery time is 2 days, while for Southern and Eastern India it normally takes 4-5 days to deliver.

What courier service is the package delivered through?

We are partnered with the ship rocket of +919319192744 Post for deliveries. Sometimes we also use other courier services for remote locations.

How do I change my shipping address in my account?

Don't worry. Globe trotters usually face this problem. You can easily edit your shipping or billing address by going to 'My account' after login. You can also change it while placing your order.

Do you offer international shipping?

Currently, we only ship within India, but in the future, we are looking forward to exploring International locations. It's been in our bucket list for a while now.

The couriers mentioned on site are not available in my area. How can you deliver the package?

In such cases, we will send the package via speed post or via another courier service that is available in your area. Because we always love a challenge.

What if I am not at home when the parcel is delivered?

Our courier lieutenant will try to connect with you before they come, so you are prepared. In case no one is available at the mentioned address, at the time of delivery, they would reconnect with you and deliver at an alternative day/time.

Can you deliver to a different address than my shipping address after placing an order?

Sure this can be done. You need to mail us and give the details soon after an order is placed. We can definitely deliver to a different address but the changes have to be made within 24 hours of placing an order. Once our rocketship has launched and the product is shipped, we can't change the delivery address.

I am going out of town for an adventure, can you expedite my delivery?

We can expedite your shipping if you let us know within 24 hours of placing your order by writing to us at [email protected] We will power the rocket ship with atomic energy speed fuel and make sure it reaches you before you leave for your adventure.

Why should I pay Rs 75 extra for COD(Cash On Delivery)?

The payment failure rate in COD is higher than any other payment methods and sometimes we have to pay double for COD option. To minimize the risk, we place a minimum charge of Rs 75 per shirt. Also, our courier ship rocket partners chargean extra charge for COD.

Can I get deliveries on all days of the week?

We deliver on 6 days of the week except for a Sunday. That's the day we dedicate to making new adventure & discovery plans.


I received a product different from the one I ordered?

Do not worry. It might have been a mistake from our end. Sometimes our packing department is too excited by the new upcoming adventure. We will replace it with the right product. You can contact us on [email protected] or call us at +919319192744  within with the transaction details.

My product was not in good condition?

We will change the product or offer a full refund for the same until it's not been washed. You can send us back the shirt, courier charges will be refunded to you by us on actuals.

I want to exchange my product. What is the procedure for that?

Sure! Just go to your orders page and click return/exchange and send us back the shirt by courier. You can also write to us on [email protected], stating your reason for exchange. Our Comrade Care department will take care of the rest.

How do I return an item? Do I have to send it back?

Yes, you will have to courier the product yourself to us. Do be sure it has not been used or washed, unless there is a reason for the same.

Is it necessary to take a shirt in exchange or do I get a refund?

No, it is not necessary. You can request a refund for a shirt you are returning.

How long do I have till I have to return the items?

You can return the item back to us within 15 days of receiving the same.

How long does it take to process the return?

After we receive the item, the exchange will be processed within 24 hours and sent. We won't be able to take back the shirt for exchange or refund if it's been washed.

How much does it cost to return an item?

You have to bear the costs and send it to us.

Can I exchange my product for an item of lesser/higher value?

Yes, you can do that. For exchange in lesser value - we do refund the remaining amount to your account. For exchange in higher value - You have to credit the extra amount to our account mentioned on the website or write to us at [email protected] We won't be able to take back the shirt for exchange or refund if it's been washed.

Can I buy multiple items in exchange for a single product?

Multiple items can be exchanged for a single product, but the amount should not exceed the item bought earlier.


How do I obtain a refund for my product?

Contact us on [email protected] or Call us on +919319192744

How long does it take to get a refund?

After the amount is refunded, it usually takes 7-10 days to credit to your account.


Are there any hidden charges/taxes?

You do not pay anything extra for any item. All our taxes are added to the MRP.

What I get lost during exploration and can't find my way back?

Well, in that case just call us at +919319192744 and we'll send our rescue squadto get you back safe and sound.

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